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Innovative ideas are fundamental to successful businesses as all enterprises need fresh ideas to stay competitive. The ideas provide impetus for growth and the dynamism to keep the organization’s engine racing forward and upward while safeguarding delivery of better and more profitable products and services at a competitive cost. Employees of an organization are a rich source of practical ideas (suggestions) for improvement in all its aspects including development of new products, improvement in existing products, growth of market share, increase in productivity, reduction in costs, and so on. Everyone in the organization – be it managers, sales persons, production persons, admin staff or any other employee- can contribute ideas for improvement of the organization’s performance. To foster “Creativity and Collaboration culture” organizations introduce ‘Employee Suggestion Systems’ that encourages all employees to contribute innovative ideas for improvement.
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The “iSuggestNow” software will enable active promotion of collaborative culture resulting in generation of innovative suggestions for improvement as it is an efficient suggestion management system.