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“iSuggestNow” facilitates successful implementation of the ‘Whistle Blower’ (Speak-up) policy and scheme/s. Since “iSuggestNow” is provided on Subscription basis and that too on the cloud, it allows employees to submit speak-ups 24X7 from anywhere. It can be implemented without any capital investment specifically for this system.
Brief details of the system are given below.
Whistle Blower (Speak-up) Scheme—why is it required? Traditional Implementation Barriers to Successful of the Whistle Blower (Speak-Up) Scheme Implementation using “iSuggestNow” Countering the Barriers Benefits
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The iSuggestNow software will enable successful implementation of the Whistle Blower (Speak-up) scheme in an organization. This will provide the desirable collective vigilance by all employees to minimize occurrence of unethical business practices anywhere across the organization.